Thank you
  • jamesfrancotvThank you

  • dxnying@_xliann what the fuck? You crazy obsessed shit. Damn, maybe he didn't want to reply cuz you're obsessed stupid twat
  • liannjimmonsLaughing at all of you for taking me seriously
  • liannjimmonsJust lol
  • _craftyhippie_He is just a dude that is famous i love his movies and the shows hes been in but im not gona leave a long ass messg hoping he notices me. Good job franco on making chicks go literally crazy lol
  • imjustafazeOMG lolololololol
  • keziabw@_xliann to be fair you sound crazy but your probably writing what a lot of gurlies are thinking. Kudos for going for it
  • keziabwWorth a shot 👍
  • liannjimmonsI feel special that you all are taking time out of your day to comment back to me :,-) So much love, especially the girl who called me a twat, you're so sweet ♡
  • celestialgrandma@_xliann ahahahha you're a genius
  • evechanikanHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhey
  • raphieth@jamesfrancotv you are one of the greatest artists ever dear.. Keep it real. 😘
  • meagansgci@jamesfrancotv so I watched Sonny, very interesting how the character was dealing with PTSD. U always play such different roles and they r always amazing!!! From Pineapple Express to oz to 127 hours u never disappoint. Thanks!!!!
  • kaylabirdcastro@jamesfrancotv waiting for mine to come in the mail!
  • liannjimmons@idknataliee ☺wow thx lol *blushing*☺
  • sarahgmonniPlease notice me James. :)
  • luvubunchesHi James, you deserve 5 stars for being you. Stay goofy, be yourself... Use your intelligence to pave your path to artistic freedom and self satisfaction. That is all that matters in the end. Love ya :-):-):-):-):-):-) @jamesfrancotv
  • piscesariesthis picture not good enough:)
  • shinidancerKool 😄
  • rebellehommeMy copy just came in today :)
  • fatunesA california childhood in portuguese, please James! Xxx
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