tune in tonight to hear my loquacious vocabulary...
  • zacharyquintotune in tonight to hear my loquacious vocabulary...

  • agnesmuirlooking forward to seeing you in star trek your so hot as spock xxx
  • neilybeansInto darkness was amazing, there better be a third one. Zachary you nearly made me cry at one point :p haha
  • elviraginaI love your name
  • slowey99Loved Into Darkness!!!!!! Downside is that we have to wait for a few more years for the next one!! 😍
  • agnesmuirgoing tonite to see into the darkness cant wait mr spock is amazing im in love xx
  • car74656Cool!
  • petisa82Zachary! Just came out of Star Trek. Awesome job! Thank you!
  • princesskimpLOVED the Bill Maher appearance
  • kate__joyce16Your amazing!! <3333
  • s.ieMy man!
  • floridabykvoYou are a great spock!
  • ihuntmonstersI might go watch Star Trek this weekend! P.s: you make a hot Spock. Lol
  • kate__joyce16<3
  • vanessadavissHaha this was so funny! You are an amazing actor!! Was it a lot of fun filming Star Trek? @zacharyquinto
  • sabinejayeYou were sacrosanct. It was most definitely your milieu. I've never seen you act with such aplomb.
  • shazaixdI have watched STAR TREK 2 time,u r so hot.<3
  • hedyukeadmire you so much for your vocabulary~ No wonder how you could handle those lengthy lines of spock's XD
  • thestorysolaurachris would be furious
  • kate__joyce16That was brilliant!
  • kgolic1Ha ha! You make me laugh. Perhaps it is your polysyllabic verbiage.
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