Filmed for Katie Couric today. Will air next Thursday!
  • bosshogswifeFilmed for Katie Couric today. Will air next Thursday!

  • thatabbiegirlHey have u ever thought of having a guest on the show!! @theduckdynasty keep GOD first there needs to be an episode on where y'all go to church!! @theduckdynasty
  • makaylasdeali can say THANK YOU GOD for these people....i have never meet them but i know there good god fearing people and i can say im 11 years old and not scared to say i am tow.So to all of you who are scared to say you love the father...this should be your eye opener.
  • makaylasdeali mean i am to
  • kadenadcox2I wish I could meet you
  • tyflippoBig fan
  • karlie_elise_huffstetlerLove Duckdynasty
  • bevoblingHey jack
  • dustinsiedlikYa buckdynasty cool you all are cool in si is funny
  • kayla_ireneeeHi Korie. I love you and your family and I was hoping maybe you could send a prayer out for my cousin Austin. He's 14 years old and he isn't doing well in the hospital. He had been in a coma and isn't breathing on his own. I love him to death and I don't know how I would survive without him. I've been praying an praying but I need help. Please send a prayer out for him. It would mean the world to me. Thank you. I love you and your family.
  • haily_biechHey I love duck dynasty . Say hi to si for me thanks. Hbiech11
  • skylergraySay hi to si for me and I love that dress
  • walker12weI love saidy tell her to Kik me at storm 812
  • walker12weI am a huge fan
  • rachelgooodallYou guys are adorable! Keep being awesome!
  • hboo1711I Love you so much !!!!! You are so pretty !!! Can you say thank you on you're next show !!!!! My name is Heather !!!!!
  • sh2012hGod god
  • tarcinxo sakallari kessin lutfen yüzünü gozunu görelim
  • nathansheffield_75You may not see this but I have an idea for a new duck call. Its a hassle keeping up with your calls right. Why not put them in one. With one call with three calls in it to were u twist it to what you wanna call. U can have a mallard then twist it to another call and call it.. I hope this makes since.. @bosshogswife ..
  • young_rickohCan I help at your work @bosshogswife
  • _boy_gotbandz_Nipples
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