Too much?
  • quarrygirlToo much?

  • nickmjwilsonNot nearly enough!!!
  • hmrkwkYou're obsessed with this place! Need to go!!! Can you find out if they do Korma without cream please? 😁
  • quarrygirl@closetoghost I haven't found a korma without cream! But this place is amazing. I will take you here!
  • hmrkwkWhen I lived in Bristol there was a place who always told me it was dairy free and it was amazing! I've never found anywhere since though, I don't think. It's my favourite curry (I'm a pussy and can't do much spice) but I've never been too adventurous when it comes to Indian, although I love it! And.. YAY!
  • nutridudeWhat are your favorites here? Is there a top 3?
  • svsnyderUgh... that looks incredible.
  • monodistortionI'm feeling some déjà vu.
  • quarrygirl#veganlondoncurry
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