John Degenkolb: on the ground, destroyed, amazing. #giro
  • jeredgruberJohn Degenkolb: on the ground, destroyed, amazing. #giro

  • surfingabiAmazing shot
  • mattdevineyGreat capture. Dude basically did an 800m sprint to catch and sprint straight away.
  • ben_pilotYeah that is pretty much awesome mate!!!
  • jorgejaileLove this
  • jeredgruber@koendekort1 That's awesome! Send me an email if you guys want a bunch of shots from the finish (including you!) -
  • donald_reni@jeredgruber this is so awesome!
  • gingertomuk@jeredgruber amazing shot! Truly humbling effort.
  • b_hoveyYikes!
  • sethlikensAbsolutely incredible capture, @jeredgruber!
  • yosohBravo!
  • laurits_hansenBest photo from the Giro this year.
  • ltsjayceThat's a BRILLIANT shot @jeredgruber !
  • mp_giantThat's what I wished every stage winner looked like after. Like they had to give every last ounce of energy to win. Never seen Cav do that. Or lance for that matter...
  • rpconstantinonyc@jeredgruber Amazing to listen to the Eurosport broadcast. They actually mistake Dekenkolb in the moment of your shot (full on suffering!) as his lead out man who went down in the final left-hander! Such is the fine line b/w the pain of victory and the pain of injury!
  • jeredgruberThat's crazy @rpconstantinonyc! I can totally see how that could happen. Really impressive ride by Degenkolb. Happy we could be there.
  • jeredgruberThanks a lot @laurits_hansen. :-) I hope we can manage a few more shots like that. Fingers crossed!
  • jeredgruber@dylan_wilson Funny you say that, Dylan. Ashley and I had quite a discussion yesterday on whether or not to shoot the finish, or go for a scenic right before...glad we opted for the finish in this case. :-)
  • jeredgruber@mp_giant It's true! It is a rare moment when you see a rider fall to pieces over the line.
  • tdebnerWow what a moment!
  • wildcardbsmProlly shoulda gave a little more
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