Hello West Indies.
  • lecraeHello West Indies.

  • rxbertschxr1550Black
  • pollypicket100Big up to West Indies.#carribeanchica
  • oliverdoom77Canon was in that exact spot! XD 😂
  • het_neoWorking out at the gym listening to Gravity & rebel mix @lecrae
  • x.viviana.xThat's sick😝
  • callmekhail@lecrae You gonna miss the best part or the Caribbean if you don't come to #Jamaica .... So come on over :D !!
  • docjohope@iiderb you know that's right!
  • kaydren_millerLucky you!! Post more pics❤
  • rhyme_inclined@lecrae what clothing brand is that
  • haleyyy.22Hey lecrae my brother is the biggest fan you'll ever meet his Instagram name is @zcthornton please at least look at his photos and like it or comment on it or do something he loves you he could tap with you he knows every word to each and every song of yours he had all country music and a few if yours now he deleted all of his country music and only listens to yours he serves The Lord and loves The Lord just like you now please comment in his photo or at least like it or do something to please please please I'm beggin you @lecrae
  • karimelmallahYea boi
  • _theycallmepopNext stop St Lucia!!
  • gianni_murphyPleas do come to Jamaica!!
  • valmontezYou're glowing
  • picsofrandomstuffNice Shirt
  • jissy06Yo when you coming to Trinidad???!?, we are waiting!! ;-)
  • michaela_antionette😘😘😘😘
  • quishaun34"Waddup my friend, I'm jus hollin at cha, bruh"?
  • lucas1.1.6Cool
  • _bigant1414Hey lecrae, I just wanted to say thank you for your music. It has helped me alot to get intouch with the Lord and my inner self. See if come from a family that was always on dope or alcohol. My brothers have been in and out of jail. I've been in foster care for the past 11-12 years. The first foster home in was in they listened to you and your music group and I started listening to it. Most of your songs describes the situation I've been in. I'm 17 years old and I'm still on track to go to college. I put everything i have in to my faith of the lord. He has blessed me with a great life over the pass the 11-12 years. But I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for you music and keep doing you and praise the Lord! Much love and support go out to you. @lecrae
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