Leprechaun behind frosted glass image by @billbell11. #shang-high
  • jason_mrazLeprechaun behind frosted glass image by @billbell11. #shang-high

  • bhsjshd_halvahI love this very.....LLovve you make me feel bad and jelouse that your picture is better than all my pictures all together
  • jenmiller168I was going to like this but I didn't want to ruin all those 2's. I do like it though!
  • viviennechang22i missed the time to see you on the 80's talkshow in shanghai and missed the precious chance to take photos with you!when i knew that i had the chance to meet you closely, i just felt so lucky…but i missed it…i missed you…i was so sad…
  • taatiaguiaarcute hahahahah 😍
  • agogo4469@aaronk48 hahaha!so cute!
  • liuyuranangellovely
  • irenesudartantoYou are in shanghai?! Arghhh!!!!! Please please give me a clue where r u!
  • iampejkaUr the best haha @jason_mraz
  • grcgwn@jason_mraz i'm excited for your concert here in Manila PH next week. I hope to get a chance to have a picture with you. HOPE is a four letter word.
  • dorakolaHAHAHAHAHAH, high times in shanghai eh? Come to vancouver again, some lovely #bcbud is still awaiting for you ❤
  • yvettegiselaMy favorite leprechaun
  • hannahtteI LOVE YOU<3333333333 come back to London Ontario?! Pretty please, we're not a big town, or a great one but I need to see you again:)
  • kkeilakQuando você vai ao Brasil??
  • michaelahiddleson@jackreeseiv
  • viviennechang22AWESOME
  • gomichaelhanHey Jason! This bing... Do you remember the gift of Starbucks Beijing mug that I give you? Miss you so much :)
  • evyfewkesWow your breath fogged up the glass. But then I drew a new face and I laughed. Omg im so lame
  • jacob.laclearHaha@jason_mraz
  • alba.bernabe@elisadepaz
  • bevlorraineCool
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