This is me packing for yet another piece of carry-on luggage
  • dooceThis is me packing for yet another piece of carry-on luggage

  • dooce@cturlington I was hoping you had some really awesome shampoo because I'm not packing any!
  • throughthelinzIf Christy Turlington offers to loan you conditioner, you borrow the shit out of that conditioner. I'm pretty sure it's a law of the universe.
  • jene4nI completely agree with @throughthelinz.
  • ivonna.tinkleIs that what their calling is these days?!
  • lisamac105Best. Comment. Ever. @throughthelinz
  • howtobeadad@dooce this is why I condition my hair with yogurt. #multitasking
  • amelina12I think it's adorable that is enough conditioner.
  • holls121m@throughthelinz EPIC!
  • shmcmullinI love the OCD labels.
  • dooce@shmcmullin my conditioner looks like my moisturizer looks like my body cream looks like my makeup remover. I have once conditioned my hair with Pond's Cold Cream.
  • lmhoganOmg. Baby spoon...brilliant!
  • ingrid777@shmcmullin ain't nothin OCD about those, they are pure necessity!
  • caitimcelroyChristy Turlington offered, via Instagram, to share her conditioner with you. You lead a charmed life. Side note: when I was traveling every weekend to hang out with my husband at his base, I kept these packed and ready all the time. The labels are a must!
  • raeleighjo28I love how we all fangirl over you sharing conditioner with @cturlington. Your life is amaaazing.
  • suewalshWhen you strip away celebrity, @cturlington and @dooce are two girls who happen to work together and be friends. The one shares her cosmetics with the other. The other uses Ponds on her face instead of some or other fancy-assed stuff.
  • merriedeathThis is such a better idea than those stupid bottles they make for traveling with shampoo!!!! GAH! You will ACTUALLY be able to get the stuff out whilst traveling AND be able to clean them when you get home! I just don't have the brain for these kinds of clever things.
  • yourmommica@throughthelinz hilarious. And true! @dooce safe travels!
  • shmcmullin@ingrid777 Oh no judging from me! I meant more that the labels are printed, centered, and a full word long. My husband's version was to scratch the letter "c" onto a travel bottle and leave the matching shampoo blank. It is not pleasing to the eye.
  • shmcmullinAnd cold cream conditioner sounds like a Pinterest craze waiting to happen.
  • ephillipscooley@dooce where do you get your little TSA-approved tubs?
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