@LadyAntebellum played some ping pong backstage.
  • theellenshow@LadyAntebellum played some ping pong backstage.

  • bethanykm@colour_me_creative is one amazing artist who would really be a great guest for your show and its her dream to be on it so were trying to help fulfill her dreams for her so please consider having her as a guest on your show
  • 8ballsweetheartLove ping pong
  • _kjmolina#helpkristinagetonellen
  • florencesima@colour_me_creative is the best artist that I ever saw. I am so jealous because me to, I make some draws, but her of Kristina are 1000X more beautiful than my. She's so beautiful and I think is funny too. I and a lot of is fans would be like that she go to your show to prove to the world that she's good. She's the girl that all want, her draws are simply amazing, choose her please, she deserves that. We all love you Kristina ! :) #helpkristinagetonellen @theellenshow
  • camrynvanderleeHey Ellen! Kristina Webb is an Internet sensation. And the reason behind this would be because of her art. She's inspired so many others and of course, I'm one of them. She has a dream to inspire people. And if you were to invite her to your show, you'd make her dream a reality. She's definitely worth it. Please take this into consideration.💜 @colour_me_creative @kristinawebb_ @theellenshow #helpkristinagetonellen
  • foster_petitgoueHey Ellen. My mom really wants to be on ur show. Everyone looks up to her. And is really inspiring. Please!!!!!!!!! Let her be on your show. It would make her the happiest girl in the world. Help my family out. We would live to come and meet with you. Thank you
  • eleanorkohhi wanna go to watch you @theellenshow
  • abbey.blakeboroughI want to go on your show. I live in Australia
  • benedicteoverliHahaha
  • sierrarobbins14Cool
  • missymusic_soundcloud.com/missylynnmusic/sandy-hook-original type this link into your browser to hear the song i wrote for the Sandy Hook kids and teachers that lost their lives in Connecticut! im only asking for a few minutes of your time to remember them! they deserve to be remembered forever. thank you!! xo
  • marahmiracleHey! I just wanna start out by saying @colour_me_creative is the most amazing person and artist EVER!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER SOO MUCH!!!! There's a lot of tough things going on in my life right now, and whenever I look at her pictures I just get all happy and inspired and amazed!!! Cause she is so talented! There is no way you would regret having her on your show! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?? She deserves like no one else!
  • ariadne.daglisCan I please come on your show and perform a dance for you?all hale queen ELLEN
  • boshannOMG huge fan of lady antebellum.
  • alikilazarou@colour_me_creative is the most inspirational people I have ever followed on IG. She is in doubtfully amazing... She is an artist and she does ranges of artwork for many different people. She has drawn pictures about bullying, Disney princess' etc. and she seems amazing!!! I think you should bring her on your show (:
  • brocklanecapehartHi ellen
  • aniitag02I love Charles<3
  • tmsroxIsn't @ladyantebellum pregnant?
  • tessayuzdaPlz let @colour_me_creative on your show she is an amazing artist and your biggest fan ever
  • gracemauzy@tmsrox yes she is but she's due any time now
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