Matt Kemp gave me his uniform! Thanks Matt, I will never forget that moment!!!
  • jjkoolaid22Matt Kemp gave me his uniform! Thanks Matt, I will never forget that moment!!!

  • amersmechelle@jjkoolaid22 my son and I met your brother tonight. My son just finished treatment for leukemia. We are praying for you.
  • jjkoolaid22@amersmechelle ill wish the best for your son
  • drea.47I just wana say you're so inspiring, im very happy you have that memory you can charish , i will keep you in my prayers xoxo @jjkoolaid22
  • delano23kemp😢
  • kacerlynn@bmdc27 you made such a good memory for him. thank you for being an awesome human.. rip @jjkoolaid22
  • chadmcbainRest in Peace buddy
  • beshoy989RIP man
  • instagram_straight_flexinR.I.P @jjkoolaid22 you were a true inspiration to many, you taught people to fight through the pain when the going gets tough, you gave everything you had in you.
  • jiggyflyRest In Peace....from Philadelphia
  • _lipstickbarbie_So sorry for your lost 🙏 my prayers are with you 💙
  • fulltimefutbolersRip
  • carlitoss_46R.I.P. Man such a tragic loss. You'll be happy in heaven watching the dodgers win
  • bb_britTommy Lasorda said "the only Angels are up in heaven- and they're all ex-dodgers." That's you, bro! RIP
  • dannyg_51RIP Josh
  • marimarucaThis was an awesome moment @bmdc27 RIP
  • jerms__91RIP
  • allzackerrthingRest in peace. The video of Matt giving you all of his gear always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for that.
  • lordcommandereddiegee)
  • mdbfmI don't know you, nor have we ever met but I came across the dodgers instagram and notice a picture of you. I didn't know you passed away. You looked fine to me but I knew you had cancer. Same as in me, I look normal as well. But the point of my comment was to stop by and show my feelings towards your death. You seem like a nice kid and I would of liked to have met you. We took another lost in the cancer family when you past away. Just know you have a lot of people that miss you and myself. I am in tears writing this. Rest in peace Joshua.
  • iamandrewm96I'm so sorry man 😢😔 at least you got to experience something like this now God has a new angel 🙏🏽 rip
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