This city 😍
Latergram as I'm sick in bed (but determined to feel better) 😷😴
  • lukef12This city 😍
    Latergram as I'm sick in bed (but determined to feel better) 😷😴

  • whatt__nooHow about 39 5 kids and living with MS?? I just made me 90 in one sentence.. lol
  • lukef12Hahahaha 😂😂 @whatt__noo I still don't think you're old! I can't wait to have my own family ☺
  • whatt__nooHoney wait!!! Have fun, travel, be crazy because when you become a parent those three things mean completely different things.. lol.. And thank you.. You're a sweetheart
  • lukef12@whatt__noo hahaha! Travel and be crazy with a lover is what I want then hahahaha. I try 😘
  • whatt__noo;)
  • leozaorjLove NYC!!!!! ❤
  • lukef12@leozaorj and I love Rio!!! I really hope I can go there someday 😍
  • leozaorjYou'll love Rio and will be very welcome! Next week I'm going to NYC for the 5th time!!! 😍😍😍
  • lukef12@leozaorj ahhh that's so amazing!! You'll have an amazing time for sure! :) do you need suggestions of places to visit while you're there?
  • leozaorjThanks my friend, but we have already made our planning! I'm going with a friend and for her is the 1st time! One doubt: to buy the subway tickets, is it inside the station? Pay in cash directly in the machine? ✨🙏🙏✨
  • lukef12@leozaorj it is inside the station, and I think you can pay cash or card 😃
  • leozaorjThanks a lot my friend!!! ✨👍🙏🙏🙏👍✨
  • lukef12@leozaorj anything you need, just ask, my friend! 😄
  • leozaorjThanks!!! ✨🙏🙏🙏🙏✨
  • 8layersGreat perspective
  • lukef12@8layers thank you! 😊
  • agomesriGreat
  • lukef12@agomesri thank you sir! 😊
  • valemora11@lukef12 Great shot !!
  • lukef12@valemora11 thank you!! 😁
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