End of a great day Honorary Degree from @HarvardUniversity thanks HArrrrrvard!
  • oprahEnd of a great day Honorary Degree from @HarvardUniversity thanks HArrrrrvard!

  • joardiant@gracewir yg ini gw no comment dah -.-
  • shondapryorCongrats
  • fhidaa605993تبریک
  • stacybradford54What a beautiful. Picture
  • zoya_43You are my love
  • rajaa.almulaGod bless ♥♥♥
  • asapnomin@shivv1 me
  • alebacic_fitness👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻you are an inspiration!!
  • itsjustfloodNeed a woman like you in my life...im a poor nobody...i dont have a chance. Lol
  • bryancg89Brilliantly Smart Successful Beautiful Woman! Oprah is literally a Genius! On top of EVERY GAME!! Harvard Is Kindergarden Compared To Her. I promise you guys! She will always win!! Period. I need to learn some things ! My pen and paper is waiting and ready @oprah !!
  • bryancg89I hope my brain can get at least a little close to the smart level of Oprah!! .. but My mom said once she found out my brain was developed she began drinking. So maybe not lol hahahh.. But its okay. I'm perfectly fine!! 😂😂 .. #NeverStopDreaming
  • nickcaivano@viks_a
  • __claire__c@carley_lynn88 see caption
  • billy_miami🔬🔭🔬
  • honeyt08@oprah One Thing I know Oprah u Belive In Education 📓✏️🍎🙌🏾
  • stevennieves@oprah I value my education. I want to be successful. I believe, taking my year off of school will make me a stronger person. It's like the Universe not wanting me to go back until the time is right. My failures have made me stronger. The classes I was able to take changed my life. I am studying Communication and Media. I would love to work for a radio or news channel. I always questioned myself. What do I want to do? I love teaching others, I love growing. I love communicating. I want to use my voice. That's what I am good at. My family blessed me with an opportunity to attend a University for 1 year. We fell in hardship. I couldn't afford books to study with barley enough for food. As much as I'm shooting for a University diploma, we struggle to make it possible. I am asking you @Oprah, to sponsor my education. You've changed so many people's lives. Without you, some students wouldn't be learning. Your such a role model for younger and older generations. You've been my Mother and I's inspiration ever since I could remember. We briefly saw you at the WildWood Board Walk. You were so angelic. We didn't want to follow you (you were on vacation and a person, too) so we waved from the tram kart bus. I will never give up on my University dream, even if it takes me forever. It's just out of my families budget. I don't see it coming any time soon. I promise to pay you back when I'm successful and working. I don't qualify for financial aid. It's because my parents "are rich on papers" but we are just making enough for home we are about to loose. So I work at Build a a Bear and surrender my paycheck when need be. Oprah, thank you for blessing students around the world. I hope to be like you holding my certificate. I know you'd be proud of me. @oprah bless you xo !
  • shavon_0416@luvqsmama07 😍
  • jaymoneyproductiontv@oprah :)
  • iamnikomoMy beautiful wife Dr. O 💘
  • otilia.gCongratulations.Onwards to more great accomplishments.You are so blessed as you are so embued with loving presence and loving kindness. God bless you more Oprah.
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