Summer is here. Love the heat. #positive
  • titoortiz1999Summer is here. Love the heat. #positive

  • amberlmatthewsThose are the best days!!! 🙏👍🙏
  • coachgrossJenna is posting pics on Twitter or some stuff... Fyi
  • coachgrossOf some stuff
  • yojoe209Hope retirement is treating you well Tito. The true hardcore fans of MMA miss you bro!!!!! Take care homie.
  • filthisNow that's real, that's funnier than any classy resort because its on the kids level. Nice job!!
  • savvy_princessLove the Slide 😜
  • mysonbooboorocksTeam Ortiz!!! Till i D.I.E.
  • kaquel1@titoortiz1999 👍👏☀🌊😀
  • pfifedawg@titoortiz1999 is a good ass dad!!😃👍🙏
  • fitgirl_lexiloves74Crazy unhealthy ppl don't belong around children. Keep them kids safe bro.
  • luxij_neWhy is everyone jumping to conclusions about Jenna? You guys dont know the full story. Quit making it seem like your baby mama issues are just like his. Not everyones story is the same. Just be glad that both of them are looking for the best interest of their kids.
  • christie5xyour the best daddy EVER! MY twins and i are en route
  • pookarella@titoortiz1999 Honey you're doing a great job. They're having great fun😋
  • chrysmahanJenna's past is a reflection on her future. If you knew stuff about her before she met Tito, you might not be so quick to take her side. Two sides to every story!
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