Team prototype mkII. Coming soon.
  • lowbicyclesTeam prototype mkII. Coming soon.

  • ggntjsMMMMM
  • mzamccecilHot damn!
  • qikyballersBeautiful
  • chopan@lowsf stop building prototypes and build my pursuit frame!! just kidding this frame is sick bro! 5 more months!
  • crihsshirc@koolkomplex unknown looks like state bike. this looks like a kissena. all bikes are going to look a like in the end. leader just straight copies fools.
  • mattcaryyI'll definitely be selling the Cinelli for one of these. Any clue on a quarterly release date?
  • albertcahyadiPardon me, but what's the difference between the last prototype ?
  • vincemalo@gophrette_power @velo_ibike #guru12
  • pdlhrd@lowsf very nice indeed!
  • rkveloClean 09 Fuji track pro style. This frame black with white lettering. Yup id mash that.
  • jeanr2os@mura_matthou
  • matthiasmuraRien a voir mec....
  • very nice
  • reverenddestructoPeople are funny, comparing a handmade frame to generic Tiawanese/Chinese frames. Any bike with a aero seat tube will look "similar" to others like it, it's the quality and geo, and attention to detail that matters.
  • it's rad to see how many people have your back
  • lowbicycles@albertcahyadi different down tube, seat tube and head tube, and tweaked geometry. I'll have more info soon. I'm hoping to release a version of this in 4-5 months.
  • elefunkYes it might resemble a unknown frame but it will never have the craftsmanship build or professional welds as a low frame, you can clearly see the work, DOPE!
  • jacobxrodriguez_So sick man!
  • nyrahheartsI like it... make a pink one.. there arent that many pink bikes we need more :D
  • dshaks@julio_reyes16
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