I love the international vibe & look of Montreal.
  • skimbacoI love the international vibe & look of Montreal.

  • jillparrellaIt's one of my favorite places to visit. Only a 6hr drive away.
  • skimbaco@terrasavvy we used to come all the time when we lived in Watertown, but for some reason never did when we lived in Beacon. It's really great!
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  • satuandcoBeautiful Montreal! We used to visit there every other month when we lived in VT. Only 2 hrs away. And they had the closest Ikea!!!
  • skimbaco@satulepisto I'd love to hear your tips what to do here with kids, looks like a great city to come with kids. We used to drive here for Suomi-koulu but we lived in Watertown,NY and kids were really young so we never toured much, just drove in and out and yes.. For ikea :)
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