Portia has her Memorial Day shoes on
  • kylerichards18Portia has her Memorial Day shoes on

  • radicalniggaslmfao you probably don't understand sarcasm or "a joke" chill out. lollll @thedancersofaldc
  • manningjeexyWay to dress your daughter like a wh*re
  • black_madonnaall lil girls wear pladtic heels or their mother's shoes just playing around.But instead of responding to her wearing shoes we all should be responding to these two men leaving sexual comments about a child
  • black_madonnaplastic
  • miamirelcute ♡
  • larrythefreakI need to get a pair for my little princess. So cute
  • themusicbunnieI can't believe people are freaking out about these shoes on a little girl. It doesn't make a little girl "too grown up." It's just a shoe! My mother is one of the mist conservative and modest parents I have ever known, and I had heels like this for weddings and church when I was this young. It's very common and not at all a "sexualization" of a child. I don't know whether you people are judgmental or just crazy.
  • adrival3So adorable!
  • love_loyal87@tremy31 omg
  • lovelybaby15Beautiful !!
  • flositkoDon't teach a mother of 4, how to raise her kids.
  • araujo1221@gabi_wears_pants
  • gabi_wears_pantsWow @araujo1221
  • shacklezzzI'm the 10,000 like lol
  • npcapalboSo cute!!!
  • anetrabey@kylerichards18 my 7yr old has worn a pump or heel since she was 1yrs old. She goes to the park in them and everything. People are always making comments about her as well both positive & negative. If they made stiletto heels for little girls she would want a pair. (Her punishment is wearing sneakers.. Lol)
  • scamrb@thenotoriousegc
  • thenotoriousegc@scamrb what a princess. I'm obsessed
  • xxmiss_a_wxx@sophiewarren22 💕
  • acasas87Ha! Love it! My daughter is around her age and she also loves heels!
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