2 years <3
  • tomdaley19942 years <3

  • becca.gallantRip rob
  • sonicc1993Miss u daddy
  • laila_tatumBoth of mine are dead
  • kinerich😢
  • amzy_yaaAw stay strong❤️x
  • fifiwarlowThis picture is in your book
  • issy_mitchell_It's so inspirational 😢😢
  • livpatten😘😘😘😘😘😘 lots of love 😘😘😘😘
  • nik.achuhot.
  • gracevictoriar🙏
  • bmwhalonhe loves you so much and supports every thing you do just know that ♥️
  • loom_crazy_is_me32How did he die
  • loom_crazy_is_me32Rip anyway I'm thinking of you
  • bronwynhansenxR.I.P Never forgotten<3
  • a.pearsonnnThat's horrible 😡 @dom_dv_3
  • a.pearsonnnR.i.p 💗
  • chloeidkk@dom_dv_3 she said "that's horrible" because he passed away and you're just talking crap about him, I can't believe people these days 😡😤😒😒
  • jessbroonHe is proud of you Tom look where you are today you have one bronze and the Olympics a medal at the Olympics is a dream for me. You are a massive inspiration to thousands all over the world more than thousands even I know you posted the a long time ago at that you will never see this stay strong Tom we all think you are amazing and I hope you and Dustin can get married. Good luck for all your future competitions and good luck Dustin for you career to @dlanceblack @tomdaley1994
  • abiprifti❤️
  • gabysky55Forgive me now I know, I am very sad. Tom, you are strong, your father is great, he is in heaven will always pay attention to you, we will always love you, take good care of yourself, take good care of your mother and lover @tomdaley1994
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