New Orleans. I'll be right back.
  • brittsnowhuhNew Orleans. I'll be right back.

  • brittanylaville#whodat
  • alyssagabrieleLove this bar, voodoos are the best!
  • vanyananditaI actually really wondering if your bass notes is really your voice.. Is it?
  • vanyananditaAh.. I thought she really can do thatt.. All bass even in the finals also edited? How do you know that? Yes.. It will be better if it is reall😂 @iambethzy
  • keel.yoI thought she was going to say New Zealand which is where I'm from!!
  • awesomenerdssbaby I love you so much you seriously mean everything to me
  • aliciadandyI LOVE YOU!!!!!!
  • clairee.kinggI love you so much as Chloe is PP!!!!!!!! This ginger needs her jiggle juice! See ya later!
  • melissakomons13could u post me a pic of u for my bday on the 13th please i love u sooo much brittany and ur fan too :) it would be awesome and
  • melissakomons13oops
  • hayleyihleBrittany snow u make me deal so real and it doesn't matter what people say about me when that call me far I just stop and think don't worry and I just love u
  • _adichen_Just saw John tucker must die best movie ever you were amazing I 💗 u and also I loved pitch perfect you were so funny!
  • clarissariquezesShe is from hair spray too!
  • hayleyihleBrittany snow your are my idol your love is louder helped me so much I love u
  • _mait_Haha that's so weird I just saw John tucker must die too!! Lol @achen33
  • thelanawweOmg hahahah
  • brittsnowismyidolYeah @cjperrydances hahhaaha
  • leos_insta7
  • _life_234What's aboutthe barden bellas???take a photo with all of them
  • mchamma11Where we were at! @morgan_vienne
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