Best text I've ever gotten.
  • mattmiraBest text I've ever gotten.

  • benhaymenI hope they bury him with his suit on backwards
  • hometownzero@mattmira That news is wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack.
  • nikipi314I'm sitting here trying to figure out who John is and why I can't press the reply. Sad to hear about Kriss Kross though
  • coryballsKriss Kross'll make them to find out where the hell they've been the last 20 years.
  • scottotdMust be hard to run with your pants backwards
  • _gyro_gearlooseTo be honest Warm It Up Kriss was a better song. #imabouto
  • ajameszI was pretty sure that was a gonna be a text about the latest installment of "cum for Bigfoot"
  • moneydubs@deisel77
  • billlwooDo you like ATH too?
  • jaelparquesI totally watch PTI.
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