The next chapter! @capturedtattoo
  • dansmithismThe next chapter! @capturedtattoo

  • lilianacortezrGood luck @dansmithism god bless u in this new chapter!
  • mahoganyroxCan't wait to see it next month! Friggin excited to get a tattoo from you!!
  • regina_marie_perezSO SO SO EXCITING!!! So very happy for you!! And us..we will be seeing you soon!
  • mandoislastattooHeck yeah...well earned...congrats brother.
  • jeremyrossarmstrongStoked! Wanna visit
  • kayc4emjay@rebeck_p yes....I do know that. I was meaning the fact that Dan, being from "the British Commonwealth" still spells those words the right way...after having been living in the US for years he hasn't been converted to spelling it wrong....actually, you know, never mind. 😊 If I have to explain it then....just....never mind. (And for the record....I'm from a country under the British Commonwealth too's how I spell those words too....but again....😋)
  • bradleytompkinsGood luck Dan!
  • celinestothardGood luck on your new adventure Dan!
  • charliefentonngood luck dan!! 💗
  • petethethiefBest of luck and times to you man
  • seaofgrayOrange county! I'll come by soon!
  • sarah__hundredsCongrats Dan. You work so hard and I have the utmost respect for you #hardworkpays
  • xkieranxAll the best buddy @dansmithism
  • ceciroomen@katrina__marieee uhhhh YES
  • sals_mate_mikeGood luck!
  • courtimagineI'm so glad I got my tattoo from you @dansmithism in August last year! Your awesome!
  • ashleyloveslife👍 Always do right by your family 😊 Best of luck!
  • jeffdraw"Book'em, Dan-o!!!" We'll miss ya!!!
  • calibella09@vfjaramillo want a tatto.... He is in our city :)
  • sf_1981I had an appt with you 3 years ago at high voltage and you canceled me a month before I was suppose to come down for my vacation and my ink, because your band was going on the road...good to hear your clientele get a front seat now! :) Still totally bummed it never happened!
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