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  • filh@mhairi_dick I agree, but have you ever thought about the fact that some animals are too many because of men? They created innaturally to have a great quantity of meat to sell! for example cow and chicken are supposed to be so few compared to the ones we have right now! Few centuries ago there were no so many as now...it's a derangement caused by market ☺ just google it to understand what I mean 😊 i am not saying that we don't have to eat meat, I am just saying that is no natural the quantities we eat everyday...human's organism is not supposed to eat so much meat, just see the teeth wich are not keen as predatory animal 😊
  • emilystutchburyits the way of the world that we eat meat! it has been since day dot fair enough animal conditions shouldnt be cruel and its okay to be a veggie thats your choice so we should respect that but stop preaching it on other people because its normal to eat meat and to love it!
  • naomi_jade19You say its not natural to eat meat.... What do you think cavemen ate? Pretty sure its been the thing to eat meat for longer that 20 year's!
  • l_juicy__@thelanajayne grow up and do yor research! Another typical double standard animal eater! If you think thers any differnce in killing a snake horse wolf etc to pigs cow and chikens being drowned slaughtered beaten burnt just to feed the likes of your mouth than your wrong! You either accept animal cruelty or u dont!
  • spiceydrinkerEach to their own, don't force your views on other ppl, we are lucky to have freedom of choice. Stop hating
  • heartbeatsworldYes I am a big animal lover and I disagree with this as its unnecessary x
  • prang87All you people banging on about how rong it is.. It's evolution and were top off the food chain.. As humans we take what we like when we like.. So jst enjoy it while your here.. And if u wana miss out steak, chicken and leather then do so but Id put money on it u all own some thing that an animal has died for your pleasure.. U probally don't even realise haha suckers!
  • kellis159Annoyed you has it @prang87 haha true though
  • elo._.xThe thing is once the animals r killed there's nothing u can do about it they can't come back to life they've died for u give them some respect by letting them know u appreciate them and use them for your pleasure
  • alex_modleyTo all the muppets banging on about how the animals aren't alive anymore so you should "just appreciate them and use them for pleasure"...why do I get the feeling that if we started doing this with human skin you would be up in arms. If it was skin from someone who had died of natural causes, I mean hey, they can't come back so you might was well "appreciate them" use some of those lonely grey cells in your heads before you start chatting such rubbish. Especially why are you chatting this crap on a celebrity's Instagram wall?
  • estela_maraEven more proud of you! The more i know u the more i love u <3
  • deadstock_studiosthey see that way because we're the top of the food chain. no other species on this planet grows crops or raises animals for consumption. other species are based off instinct while we have the ability to think/reason. still does not give you the right to take their life for their fur. its cruel. if that is going to happen nonetheless it should be done by putting the animal to sleep and using every part of that animal the best way possible to show the animal is not a waste for nothing.
  • esje_125@drfunk1986 get into a hungry lion's cage and you'll see just who is on top of the food chain, shall we? ;D we're just better at staying out of danger from being killed by animals, but the lengths we have to go to are severe and disrespectful to the integrity of the animals. We're not however on top of the food chain.
  • leanniiieeebear@esje_125 it's true. Jump in the sea with a shark and see whose the bad boy then ;)
  • ezxrashe's cool
  • milliebridgerLove that your against fur @isthatjessiej it's disgusting, proper respect you for speaking out against it! X
  • bvbeth14@drfunk1986 I agree and like the the plains indians did woth the buffalo, we should use every part.
  • deadstock_studios@esje_125 my point exactly. tell me who built that cage and why id be in there the first place.
  • esje_125@drfunk1986 putting something in a cage is not being on top of the food chain. The top of the food chain is the creature that has the least chance of being eaten when left to their own defences, with which I mean without weapons.
  • deadstock_studios@esje_125 you still don't get it. we've evolved to a point where we need no natural defenses. our natural defense is our mind. we're capable of making other species extinct. lions have weapons, its called their claws. they're considered natural defenses but they're still weapons at the end of the day. try thinking outside the box.
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