MY VIDEOS ARE NOT DELETED!!!! My channel is under construction. They will be back!
  • therealgrimmieMY VIDEOS ARE NOT DELETED!!!! My channel is under construction. They will be back!

  • makaylawils.onAATIR videos do take alot of work 😉
  • happening_hallieHi I just watched ur YouTube video of I dreamed a dream and u r amazing!!! I really suggest that u try out for American Idol, the X Factor, the Voice, or America's Got Talent!!! I think that u have a fabulous voice!!! I think u have a great chance at winning too!!! Please try out u would be awesome on one of the shows!!! @zoraxlove64
  • teamgrimmie_ftwWhennnnnnnnnnn
  • k.k.k.k.k.k.k.k.khjjShe's already famous -_- @halmorgan
  • brandon_lee_brigmanYea she's not posting them back on there anymore..
  • nkb1997if u read this Christina pls Tell us when Ur vids r coming back its over 2 month now
  • acm0216It says there private… :(
  • acm0216Theyre*
  • asmaryazmalikThey're backk!!!!!!!
  • cosmic_apocalypseK GOOD. I WAS WORRIED.
  • carly.jeann@oliviapfost__
  • oliviapfostGOOD I WAS LIKE OH POO @carlyyys_the_name
  • carly.jeann😂 Text me to discuss DLand and when/where we'll buy her album tomorrow! @oliviapfost__
  • biabassarani👏👏👏👍👍👍
  • simply.rachILY !! I watched you on YouTube years ago back when you had the "I'm getting paid, $500"song with your friend ! & I still remember it ! I saw you in concert with Selena in Columbus, Ohio in November 2013 & I died when I saw you ! best performance ever! I saw you on The Voice as well! girl your too good for that show ! I couldn't believe my eyes I was like " wait why is she on here?! she's too talented for this!" lol hope you see this (: @zoraxlove64
  • christinagrimmie_frandsAwwww I remember that lil heart attack I got then! -.-"
  • corryyyRest in peace
  • ellareckI still remember seeing u w Selena in concert in Chicago, and realizing "Hey!! This is the girl that sings the "$500 dollar" song!!" And then freaking out as I danced to your amazing voice. My friends and I, being weird as we were, sang the "500$ song" at our school talent show. With no background music. People were extremely confused, but we didn't care. We knew all the words by heart. I love and miss you so much Christina, even if I havent been caught up with you recently I feel like I lost a member of my family. I don't get why someone so sweet and genuine would ever have to go. But thank you for helping me realize that life is short. I should be saying my thanks to everyone as soon as I realize im thankful for them, because who knows when they'll leave . I love you forever, even if you'll never read this. Rest in peace my angel , and thank you for all the life lessons.
  • kriistiindaniielle@ella.reckamp I love her $500 song too...know it by heart. I miss her too. team grimmie forever
  • angely_garcia18💚
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