welcome to Canada!
  • jamiegracehwelcome to Canada!

  • herbertkato@jemicrenshaw21 we got that here did you know?
  • imurphyutkYes Canadian ketchup messed up my taste buds & now I no longer like any ketchup. They eat a lot of meat & potatoes too. Yummy but not good on the waist. lol
  • sharon_loboaw
  • nickparcLook for Poutine while your up there! It's delicious! Haha @jamiegraceh
  • giveanimalshopeIM COMING TO SEE YOU!!!! I CAN NOT WAITTT
  • new_account_yo123OMB my grandparents live in Canada!!!!!!! I want to see u in concert so bad I love u so mich
  • new_account_yo123Much*
  • rachelcanji@imurphyutk I live in Canada and I personally think that ketchup in the States is gross; same with iced tea. I guess everyone's different
  • imurphyutk@chelray15 yep depends on what u are use to. In Canada it was really sweet. Tea in the US is different depending on where u live. I live in the south & the tea is sweeet! Upnorth, not so much.
  • sophia.gianniniMagic juice!
  • leahpeah3you were so amazing tonight in moncton Jamie! and i never thought about the french on everything, its just so normal.
  • heymaman@jamiegraceh EH
  • pri2434Please pray for my mom she will be having surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.
  • daniel_weaver10I have one of your songs
  • therealtchevI was at the concert last night!! You were AMAZING!!!!! I'm so glad you sang God girl! It was our camp theme song!!!!:)
  • nelsonjvaloisTks for your music M
  • nelsonjvaloisMy daughter looks up to u. Btw my wife loved the shirt u signed. God bless you.
  • emilyvokey_I gave u a high five yesterday! your so amazing! ily :*
  • hopedianna8😄
  • sarbearofmidgardYummy!Please follow me!
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