Thank you @vogueaustralia for my beautiful  flowers what a way to wake up this morning! xx
  • phoebejtonkinThank you @vogueaustralia for my beautiful flowers what a way to wake up this morning! xx

  • hejeliza@phoebejtonkin I wanted to ask you for advice. I'm following an almost vegan lifestyle. I only eat fish or eggs from time to time. No diary or meat at all. for the last couple of days I feel terribly bloated all the time - its not funny anymore! I'm not allergic to anything, but maybe sensitive? my boyfriend is thinking its because of the fact I'm consuming a lot of nuts (homemade almond milk with my oats, powerballs made with almonds/walnuts or the soaked extra nuts with my oats,...or homemade meatless meatballs made out of the almond leftovers from my milk - if you wanna see what I'm eating a day, i post it over at my other account @abeautifulsimplicity ) but I think it could be because I has chickpeas several times last week? I mean legumes are certainly a possibility to feel bloated,... I know, I could check it out by leaving one thing out of my dieat once at a time, but I thought you just might have some advice from your own experience? I'd so freaking happy to read from you ❤❤❤
  • saranasserzadehYou're no ordinary girl
  • misslissafent@catchx22 eating a lot of gluten? Or fruits at time same time as veggies?
  • peri_perichickenCongrats on the baby 😉 #Klaus #TheVampireDiaries 😘😘
  • hejeliza@wawawissa the only gluten are in the oats,....:// & I separate fruits and veggies ,...
  • myzanlordI love you so much <3
  • bernadetteirishaU r so beautiful
  • warriordemxPhoebe I lovvee you <3 always have sweetie your amazing actor and stunning
  • alvinalaWheres your robe from?:)
  • shout_forloveWhat happen to the secret cicle
  • jlhubzIt got cancelled 😢
  • tvdlegendDoes any one know what brand her glasses are?
  • innachka007@ikreydd13 how beautiful :)
  • tvdlegend@niki_n95 Thanks! :)
  • ralshawiFeha mnk shwy @manalmk
  • stillll_trending_world_wyde_21Nerdddd lol cute tho
  • hipster_teens_xo@ashcaswell___
  • itspolenaBeautiful
  • itsouzaLindaaa
  • kim_monetJakahdbns @__rashelramos__
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