• itsbubzWhat?

  • ariemacherieHey bubz, please do a video about waxing/threading/tweeting your brows and maintaining them. Also how to soothe your eyebrow area after getting them shaped or tips for making it hurt less (if possible, haha). Also can you show us how we can find our perfect brow shape according to our face / eyes and different brow styles? :) that'd be awesome! I'm also hoping to see more fashion videos from you in the future, like lookbooks and pairing just like your friend @wendyslookbook does. Please Lindy and thank you! Love your videos. @itsbubz
  • ariemacherieI mean *tweezing LOL typo
  • kat.alinnHi bubz!! I love your channel. You have changed the way I see myself and others around me! I was wondering if you could make a video on how to talk to talk to your crush. 😘
  • heartsxox33Cutieeee!
  • hanahouise@itsbubz how come you never post pictures of chubbi? And your vlogz you're always fussing round Domo, love Chubbi again!!jokes:-)post some of Chubbi too thou
  • h.thao412@pp2805 omg:))
  • rrdgez@hanahouise I know right, I love Domo, but I wanna see Chubbi as well
  • rrdgez@hanahouise I know right, I love Domo, but I wanna see Chubbi as well!!!
  • charliewaisumI wanna see chubbi !
  • emilyisbunnyDomo
  • eilidh__milesSooo cute
  • hanakomi_So fluffy 😜
  • lecinlurveAwwww ~ way toooo cuteee!! Mine is Bebe girl ~ what's your name lil cutie ? ✨😘🐶
  • iana_forevsDomo! Cute! ♥♥~
  • haley.howarter141DOMO!!! :D
  • danielarrachDOMO ❤
  • awesomejaimefooWhere is Chubbi
  • wanlintengDomo is so cute
  • mamiyankee7❤❤
  • shinystar8❤🐶🐾🐶🐾🐶❤
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