All gold everything!
  • twitchthis8All gold everything!

  • rfedorowFLEX
  • kitcopeHowsabout this @jwillz44 Sh'boy @twitchthis1 has kinda earned that "popularity" by crankin out "true" whips over the last 15 years after basically being the originator of next level whips when everyone else was barely turning the bars back! So, even if you don't think he truly won by virtue of those particular phenomenal whips he laid out last week, maybe He earned it by all of the thousands of whips leading up to them that didn't get credited? Just a little devil's advocate for those like you. Of course, he still won that XGames goldpiece fair and square to me and everyone else who was there! Aaaaaaand BOOM
  • bulletslinger@kitcope you're fucking awesome and couldn't have said it any better in both comments !
  • twinkyiam@kitcope 👆👏👏👏👏 💣
  • jayguddeDamn skippy homie !!! @twitchthis1
  • dub_22So dope
  • jwillz44@kitcope fair enough. Just a fan of sports. Jordan didn't win any championships for being great. He won because he was truly the best.
  • jwillz44@kitcope this isn't about riding motorcycles. This is a campaign. Pretty sure none of the greats ever won a damn thing through thousands of followers being begged to send in a text message or logging into a site to cast a vote.
  • kitcope@jwillz44 begged? My friend, my logic is lost on you
  • cartermckerlieEven if it is a popularity contest good for @twitchthis1 all the losers should get better and be more popular. Gold is Gold Bitch
  • jwillz44@kitcope gotcha. I watch x games and other events because I don't know who will win. Best whip will be twitch every time. And it's not because his whips are best. It's not just my logic. It's the logic of many. This whole time I've said I'm a big fan.
  • bookofamccann_86Nice my hero
  • flyl1fePotter can out whip twitch
  • oneofakind1984@twitchthis1 ur good but u didn't deserve to win this time... " truth""
  • bflytillyoudieFuck i love reading the comments on twitch's post fuckin dumb shits haha @kitcope ur a real G well said
  • coopcitybitch@kitcope down with his history. Props homie @twitchthis1
  • unk5150@twitchthis1. Fuckin playerhaterz every where wannabez. Yr a boss stank steez
  • yannyshereSick @twitchthis1 your such an inspirAtion to me and my kids...I'd give my right arm to ride with you.!
  • sikboi13Congrats!!!
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