Would you buy coins from this man?
  • mattmiraWould you buy coins from this man?

  • orbitwayDoes he take bitcoins?
  • pintprophethe's got a giant safe. seems legit.
  • rogerboltinIs that my only choice? Swords, I'd buy commemorative swords from him
  • tawnyzombykinda reminds me of eraserhead. not like a whole lot, that's just the vibe he's throwin' out.
  • kountry1983Is that Gary Busey?
  • byackeviczHe looks like an older Jesse Eisenberg.
  • derrecknotericOnly one Master of Coin and his last name is Lannister
  • caydencsI think it looks like Charlie Sheen, but people are saying Gary Busey and Jesse Eisenberg... is this one of those things where everyone sees something different?
  • charamandurHe seems legit.....
  • zombotUh, I already called and spent $500. I should seek professional help.
  • nomitchstakesinspaceBetter call Saul
  • jwlawhornSeems legit
  • luci_andthebirdsI see Harrison Ford
  • mrsmegantheredI see Busey & Eisenberg, so much to trust there
  • the_neu_mannIn a back alley
  • hobbityLooks like he's got coins up his bunghole
  • tracesthingsIs his office paneled with plywood? On the bottom shelf, is that a cat skull or a crumpled Arby's bag? So many questions
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