I'm not confused. Just very cold. Off to Calgary meetup! Also did you watch the new ep of #HelloHarto? #butts
  • hartoI'm not confused. Just very cold. Off to Calgary meetup! Also did you watch the new ep of #HelloHarto? #butts

  • notaqueen.khaleesiYour eyes.. They're mesmerising.
  • doodlebug2011@jumbz55 omg that's been stuck in my head for days! Lol
  • linds_ballardAlso, very adorable.
  • scubasnookGosh why are you so attractive?
  • hezzyanneYay Calgary!!!!!
  • pechothedeerYou're in Calgary?? Come a little further to Regina! (the city that rhymes with fun!)
  • onthegood80Oh my gosh! I am in Calgary hi! Sorry about the chilly spring
  • dailymelaoI'm just too in love with you and then you post these pictures and my heart breaks in thousands o pieces. #why
  • kaldvinWelcome to Calgary!
  • thelionhazeAre you coming to Vancouver or Victoria, BC? @myharto
  • santannamillsAaahhh! Only 10 hrs away!! Tempted!! ;)
  • messofcolorsFirst CCEE NOW YOU WHYYYY! Well that's calgary for you a week of proper spring then bam snow and colds
  • charlamaighnI love you.
  • lil_rayofsunshineI didn't know you were in Calgary until now. My heart is breaking
  • thunder200217You are so pretty! I don't know what these trolls are talking about...
  • stephhrhianIt was a sad, sad day when your tour dates were revealed 2 days after I booked a tropical vacay. No Harto for me! @myharto
  • briggittelikebardotOh man Hannah you're eyes are gorgeous here. But you're always gorgeous.... Love you!
  • serruhhx3I've never actually reached out to a famous person before, but here goes nothin. If you don't see it, no harm done :) I just finished watching your video about being in the closet and to reach out in order to never feel alone...I just want to say that the message given was so very important, not to mention hartfelt ;) You probably can't even imagine how many lives you will touch with this video. It moved me, and this is something I've been confused about my entire life but never felt comfortable enough with anyone to discuss. I just want to say thank you. From myself, and on behalf of the many people who will watch it but are afraid to comment. I WAS afraid, but now I am not. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Enjoy your journey, and have a drink for us! ✌
  • bbridgetsmithLove your show!!
  • drink_cookies_eat_milkYou were in calgary and I never got to see you I am going to cry now
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