And the best part, the big aperture science etch on the hood. Lol. I love my car, @thekatvond is the best, ever.
  • deadmau5And the best part, the big aperture science etch on the hood. Lol. I love my car, @thekatvond is the best, ever.

  • gamers.respawnPortal <3
  • charcoal_metaphorYou idiots it's not any sort of logo it's aperture blades, like you find in proper DSLR cameras you pooperscoopers. Aperture science is word play.
  • monolukeHaaa AWESOME!!!
  • n_th_n_ng@kommandantsoviet wrong. It's a Portal reference. Aperture Science is the corporation In charge of the testing facility.
  • jeffthekillerwilleatyouSexy car
  • charcoal_metaphor@nathanskates Wow for being a member of a photography social network you know little about it. Also you're stupid. I said the the image on the car originally has nothing to do with portal. Valve called it aperture science as to make fun of modern dodgy science. The aperture science logo has a high aperture which means not very secret science because science isn't these days and they cleverly made their fictional company so, with the use of the word apperture. That's what I meant. Apperture is a photography thing not a portal thing
  • n_th_n_ng@kommandantsoviet Well obviously it's a photography thing. I should know, I own a dslr. I was speaking in the direct context of your misleading ignorance at first; my apologies.
  • chandlerleebpCommon why do you get the awsome stuff
  • maijjjjjuomg that is epic!
  • luna_r34Nice touch Joel, you are the next test subject now.
  • curlyidolI got a free cookie for wearing my Aperture Science necklace at a bakery
  • ellynnashleyCool!
  • lifted_legend_1I nvr new u played portal! @deadmau5
  • gusinoestoiloМая тачка;)
  • clark.vnsholeh sheit @deadmau5, you became one of the coolest artest ever just because u play games :D
  • marry_luu@thekatvond needs it back😡
  • p0oyaLol portal
  • rodrigodiaz_rThe fuck happened to the porsche??
  • _epipen@deadmau5 that's awesome!
  • neffzeroThis was a....(wait for it) truimph
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