Photo: @kitracahana West 34th street. Springtime in Manhattan.
  • natgeoPhoto: @kitracahana West 34th street. Springtime in Manhattan.

  • rebecca.forknerBecause art takes countless forms
  • cucus_@Wildboy1812 hahahhaha it's true your wife and your little girl actually looks like the lady in the picture they are relate?? @bettysandoval yes agree with you :)
  • rotondo02Bad picture
  • rotondo02Don't like it
  • samuelrobertthompsonNo good
  • cmentoand....??
  • n9n9_11Then ? What is special about this pic !
  • mixemohMaybe the colors?
  • wildboy1812@liliyumiwong how about this one, I think I wing the Wong number! Lol
  • zentanglesThe women's expression , looks like she is on a mission, or much on her mind. While the young boy would like to notice something he might be seeing. Maybe the message of the picture is: "Do we ever have the time to Slow Down?"
  • k.walt@zentangles I like that, "do we ever have time to slow down". Kids see the world in such a beautiful way. We should take the time to really look
  • zentanglesYour welcome!
  • nairam731It was taken cause despite her clothing and location, Manhattan (some place deemed as progressive and dignified) the 3rd World Cowntree lady still cannot blend in.
  • nairam731No doubt they're wearing expensive clothes just like the hipster New Yorkers but no matter how hard she will try she still look like those Mexican blanket weavers.
  • nairam731@dansanstyle hashtag aerospottles
  • nairam731@dansanstyle they're pictured for national geographic that's pretty fucked up my peoples
  • nairam731@dansanstyle in this day and age were still a sight to be reconned with as looking national geographic-y
  • rejanepadoaniMãe é mãe e pronto!!
  • karlisch.luna@the_real_bdiddy ignorant .
  • sailingnationsWow...........
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