Day 8 (128): I just wanna say today was the hardest mothaf%€?!n hike I've ever done in my motha?!&$% life !!!!!!!!! 6 miles STRAIGHT UP & down & if you ask anyone in the picture if they wanna do it again tomorrow... They will say "FUCK NO" lol..... Thing is... I love fitness & it is now an extension of who I am...... Today's @60DaysOfFitness team is: Today's crew: @b_reeves818
@oceanmarciano @gtodd82
@thee_illest_one @leanz_420 @mat_am
@a1stylist @prismazzi
@lexypanterra @jazzminicole
@kanelieu @thefrankkushera
@lanalacubana @calicia 
@bompton_ba @ygfunksta
@leauxsteez @nellie_nel
@trinitysworld @yuliannamusic @itzcali
@thebean1200 @tonisperry
@planetscipio @venchy
@iamfabiola @iwantkaykay
@cyn_sation_ @jazzymell
@salvisfinest @raith37 &
@mayrin15..... Some people arent in the photo for the reason I said at the top ha ha ha...... The hike at people alive today ha ha....... Love.
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