Brooklyn Bridge park treat after a good hydro therapy session :)
  • designspongeBrooklyn Bridge park treat after a good hydro therapy session :)

  • pitsandkittiesSuch a beauty!!! What's her therapy for??
  • abiraePretty Shmoopy! Bring her by to visit next time!
  • designspongeWhen she was rescued she had a shattered pelvis, legs and perforated bladder :( lots of healing left to do
  • instanormSweet Angel! Hope she heals soon.
  • clairewallbankIt breaks my heart into pieces to think that there are people out there who can be so cruel to beautiful animals 😔
  • ariane__kPoor thing! Glad she found such a good home.
  • jiadelWow thats heartbreaking, she's an amazing little tough cookie. Now I see why you named her Hope.
  • pitsandkitties@designsponge oh goodness, poor baby!! Her peacefulness makes it seem she knows all the bad is behind her, she has a beyond wonderful and happy home now and a mom who will protect her. :)
  • sallyogilvieShe's so lucky she's with you!!! Rescue dogs are the best. I love mine so much and can't believe anyone would have hurt her!
  • jessicanicholsartI'm so glad she has a loving owner now. Poor bubs!
  • fetchlightphotoSo glad you're helping this dog!
  • studiolittlecrescues are great. we love our rescue mutt and she loves us!
  • golfchicknycLuckiest puppy ever
  • scituatehall@golfchicknyc took the words right out of my mouth! 🐶
  • iconicspiritLove will and can cure all...Hope is proof....
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