Don't shy away from rockin' those #FierclyReal curves! Flaunt what ya momma gave ya, boo.
  • tyrabanksDon't shy away from rockin' those #FierclyReal curves! Flaunt what ya momma gave ya, boo.

  • miaaalvarado^ @emilyyparrishh ^ @am343434
  • annmariemelsheimer😂😂😂😂 @miaalicia11 @emilyyparrishh
  • miaaalvaradohahahahha! 👌{ʄʟɑuɴт ıт ωʜɪʟɛ ʏօu ɢoт ıт}👌 @am343434 @emilyyparrishh
  • laurabajraktariI am you're biggist fan
  • xfabesterxIf only
  • mariahsartKind of hypocritical since all the girls on your show are stick skinny
  • maxxanista_@mariahsart obviously you've never really watched ANTM . There have been many plus sized girls . Some of whom made it extremely far in the competition .
  • agnesbork@mariahsart i agree
  • slightlyfickleThe business of FASHION as seen on the show is not about beauty its about industry standards and preparing inexperienced women for the industry..
  • dominirican_1997Why would u be considered fat for having thick legs all my friends say I'm skinnie but I have thick legs and I like it
  • madd.m_@tyrabanks I think we need to have more plus size models because our society has gotten so bad that if you aren't anorexic skinny you are fat even a healthy girl would be considered fat. But what I dont get is they say to be equal to people of a different race and gay/lesbian but when it come to thick or big or fat girls you are a discrimination to every. If they are fat and happy who are we to judge saying no you have to be skinny to be happy. And just all girls and some guys look up to you but most of them are bigger wishing they could be just as pretty but even when people say you can and are beautiful, society says no. All shapes are beautiful not just the thin girls. You probably will never read this but ohh well I guess not the first time. Sence you have so many people talking to you I'm sure you won't see this one.
  • madd.m_*Sense
  • clothing10Well Said @maddyy1616!!! :-)
  • jaybby89@diana0817
  • kitty_kraze@maddyy1616 you're looking for *since
  • daddyzoey@mzbossysimone
  • kaisoo.yehet.feelsI love being imperfect!! 💓 Perfect is boring💤
  • hazelnutlady23♡♡♡♡
  • awk0nicky_😭😭😭 touched my heart
  • wikki_wikI love my curves I just need to trim them down a lil lol
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