Even after 19 innings, there's pie left.
  • mlbEven after 19 innings, there's pie left.

  • galleyI was watching that game from 3:15 until it ended at 4:45.
  • ooficialmikey___STUPID A'S
  • dsfarmerLMAO!!!!
  • xwilberxBoston sucks yakees rule
  • behind_tent_the shit stupid af but yakees do rule lmao GO YAKEES!!!!
  • parker_haney_22Ha
  • cole_daws@that_kidant you know you are a true Yankees fan when you spell it "Yakees"...twice...
  • marcog39pi face
  • ajpaterraI love the a's
  • matthale_5Ha
  • _thiskidart@rayjdelgado
  • x2ripper2xThat's so funny
  • henry_p23@aj_paterra_ rangers all the way
  • connorburganLol i was at that game for my bday
  • kyle.correiaGo oakland
  • rray28@hunter212086 hey just be glad your weak-ass Giants didn't get swept.
  • rray28@hunter212086 "Crushed"? -that's funny considering you were a timely hit here and there from getting swept. And btw we've got injuries too buddy. You guys just suck right now. Can't field for shit. Starting pitching can't go 6 strong. The only reason you were in the other games is because of Pence. Wake-up. You guys stink and we lost the 4th game not so much you guys won it with all the people we stranded on base.
  • rray28@hunter212086 do you even watch the games? You had players dropping balls all over the field, Timmy can't cover the bag, and Reddick pretty much won the game with his glove and batt for us on Friday. Do me a favor pay attention to the games, the standings, and the World Series hardware. And just be glad we didn't sweep you guys like we did in 89. See I actually like the Giants, just not their dumbass fan-boy fans. You remind me if the guy that tried to snag the fair ball of the field on Wednesday. Go put on a costume. @hunter212086
  • rray28@hunter212086 the sf giants have won 2, the Oakland A's have won 4
  • willknox12The as won 5 in Philadelphia so then 9>7 @dodgerssuck123
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