Walk the dogs, they said! It will be fun, they said!
  • itsbubzWalk the dogs, they said! It will be fun, they said!

  • watchdoc_My all time fave bubz photo lol
  • _gracedeleonHahaha xD
  • louisthe14thSmoulderingly hot
  • enzewangwhere
  • enzewangare you from
  • mrstaylorlautnerromg
  • apiinchofsaltThis made me LOL 😀 I saw your video for this too ^_^ @itsbubz
  • batkittywomanOMG hahahahahahahaha!
  • cathie359Hahaha :D I saw the Video too
  • gab_eeeEww
  • cyunie19I saw the vid no offense but it was quite hilarious 
  • nilnina23@0ben23 jajajajaja! Cuando encuentres el video me lo enseñas :P
  • chanel.myerssOh no
  • bellenallenI like your glasses Bubz xoxo
  • kailaa_____Hi!!!!! I just wanted to say..... U are my inspiration, bubz I been watching your videos when you only had a few subbies😊 when I am in a horrible mood, I go and watch your videos because I feel like I am growing with u. You are a nice person and Tim is sooooo lucky to have you. My first video I ever saw was your apple nail tutorial, then your hair tutorial, then I just clicked to your videos and watched them since😘 u have a very nice personality and you are soooo LOVING!!! I really wish I can meet you and I just wanted to say, you are my inspiration.God bless u....... Bye. Ps have fun on your honey moon!!!!! And tell your doggies I said HI!!!!!! Love you like a sister, bye
  • maishax_I watched da vid!!! :)
  • chxr.ylWow long 'story'.... @kail_over
  • kailaa_____Yeah @Cheryl_mahomie
  • jasmine_pxx😂 @pewdiepie
  • bebe_briHehehehe its like me with glasses
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