found this white vintage Herve in the back of my closet... LOVE late night cleaning!
  • aubreyodayfound this white vintage Herve in the back of my closet... LOVE late night cleaning!

  • dark__knight329Dam!!!!!
  • missathenamarieI don't understand what all the hate is on this picture. When I seen it, the first thing I thought was that it's a gorgeous and very flattering dress. She isn't naked. If you don't like dresses like this, then don't wear them. It's simple. Clothing doesn't make an individual who they are. I think this dress is gorgeous and if I had that body, I'd wear it! The only thing that shocks me is, how could you forget you have that dress!? @aubreyoday Haha, it's beautiful.
  • missathenamarieAnd may I remind everyone, she isn't married and doesn't have any kids. I'd say those would probably be the only people she'd have to worry about. So if she wants to dress sexy, so what!? You have free will and can unfollow her. Nobody is forcing anyone to look at her pictures here. As a matter of fact, I think those of you that do hate can't stop looking at her pictures because a part of you wishes that you could live without fear and regard for what other people think about you. Live, and let live!
  • ars40leBeautiful. End of...
  • aubreyodaysarmyAubrey looks amazing!!! Stop the hating she's proud of her body.
  • travelergLove It <3
  • chadford34Nice! You're so hot!
  • kozmotimRole plays not too bad either!
  • laprincessaellOoh curves 😏
  • laprincessaell😈
  • ninphelan@forcedartist nope..I just mean slutty.
  • briittanym1@aubreyodaysarmy she may be proud of her body thats obvi, but she has no respect for it. No respect for urself = no respect period.
  • leneh2That dress is gorgeous.
  • dnice2022Mmmm sexy
  • ninphelan@forcedartist I am very comfortable in my skin, however, that doesn't make it appropriate to post such slutty pictures of myself on Instagram for the world to see. She's supposed to be a role model...she isn't doing a good job on Instagram. I'm done talking to you about're obviously obsessed with her which is blinding you from how trashy her pictures are. I'm over it....bye
  • scottynigelsShe has only that big guns to expose, let her to show them!!
  • rubenmorua👍
  • malone_aquaWho in the hell said she was supposed to be a role model?
  • angel_the_giftedShe is Beautiful! !
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