The Calm B4 The Storm. Hands & feet dun, hot wax, sea salt scrub.. Ready for game #5 #Clips
  • matt_barnes9The Calm B4 The Storm. Hands & feet dun, hot wax, sea salt scrub.. Ready for game #5 #Clips

  • jo3y_d3larosa@matt_barnes9 .. Good luck to you and your team.. you guys will be champs this year
  • altyfungDo it for clipper nation!
  • charismaticdancer@mrstanya he better be glad he's cute :-/
  • fernielp@matt_barnes9 man you and @cp3 play hard make them other guys step it up
  • kayk1986LMAO 😝😝😝😝 Grizznation
  • _newmindKeep the energy up! Pass the energy to the team and um freeze out on VDN
  • _aram.g._Just finished watching the fox sports interview "Matt barnes in my own words." Great interview brother!! And great job on the Clipps.. 👍
  • gurgygurgWhat happen Matthewwww?? Thought you told me to watch you guys win in the playoffs?? That's what you get you cocky prick hahahahahaha nd hope you learned your lesson from few weeks ago, or #yougonnagetthiswork again!!
  • gurgygurgYou gay boy you wish!! I bet you would after stalking my ig page, I know you're in love with me. Take your L pussy, I'm just laughing my ass off cuz I'm still waiting to "watch you win in the playoffs"
  • gurgygurgBetter delete your comments, it's good when you wake up think of a good comeback first then respond.
  • matt_barnes9@dope_itsgurg all good champ, watch my bank acct win.. Your a confused fan who wants attention, this is how it works.... pay attention: I go back & fourth w/u, u texts ur friends like, "hey "bro" look on Instagram #rightnow I'm talkn shit to Matt Barnes & he responded. Bottom line Your a male groupie you stalk my Instagram always puttn bullshit comments on the photos.. Don't be mad at me cause your life sucks.. Some people would say ignore you or block your bum ass, but it's people like you that keep me on my grind. For that #THANKYOU!!!! & FUCKU HATER. Sorry kids
  • gurgygurgCool story bro ask me if I care, I did it cuz ur cocky ass deserved to be thought a lesson, how predictable you were gonna throw ur bank account on me, not impressive pussy boy. Ain't no one a groupie over here your bum ass is not even on Lakers, sorry ass even the Rookies get paid more then you I did my research. Robert Sacre get paid more then you nd he barely even played any minutes for the lakers but I'm glad you think your competition is me instead of the real nba players. Money doesn't define anything. You have all the money but your wife still be fuckin other rap niggas let me see your money control that. Fuk yourself good luck playing for another bum ass team next year that's goin no where, ill be here to keep teaching you life lesson!!
  • gurgygurgAll the money but it still can't buy you class, what a great role model you are 👏👏
  • gurgygurgThere's always basketball wives you can go back to nd cry about ur relationship problems on national Tv
  • afgceoHahahah @matt_barnes9 there will always be haters on Instagram with fake ass pics 😜 Like this mofo @dope_itsgurg #getalife
  • gurgygurg@afgceo stfu little groupie I bet you if he gave you his dick you would suck it
  • afgceoGo fuck yourself you retarded lowlife ... Get off his nutzzzz and fuck off ... U look like a psychotic moron lol damn hick LMAO ... 😜😜😜😜😜 @dope_itsgurg @matt_barnes9
  • gurgygurg@42kaylagriffin @afgceo both of you can kiss my ass no one cares what you groupies say
  • ajsteel94😂😂😂 @matt_barnes9 went in in @dope_itsgurg
  • londonchong@j_new_1
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