Getting my Glass!
  • loicGetting my Glass!

  • neverland_governerawesome
  • craig_deakinAwesome @loic ! Would love to hear your thoughts when you've had a chance to use them.
  • dirkkirchbergRobocop anyone?
  • roblesnataliaWe wait for your feedback... and try to not sleep with :)
  • mawaxCool ! But too bad it looks ridiculous (pas toi hein! Les lunettes google!! ). Would not be much more expensive to add a bit of design :-s
  • mawaxSo if i understood well, you had the chance to be chosen to buy them 1500$ but can't sell them, nor give them, correct? Can't wait to read your review
  • maggiefogginDo NOT shower wearing it. We've seen enough of it this week 😜
  • pierre_valletThe question is "will it blend ?" :-)
  • ratus13The first thing we know about it for sure is that they are not making anybody looking Clever ^^
  • libbey.koppingerBeautiful blue eyes! ;)
  • mattauckland@loic The biggest step forward in innovation since the iPhone and iPad. I think Google will take the tech crown from Apple with this.
  • casparterhorstI thought you had lenses?! ;)
  • jefflubranoBaldies cyborg showing off
  • visit_asiaEnvy much!
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