Top 10 office view in America awaits @jscheyer...
  • dukembbTop 10 office view in America awaits @jscheyer...

  • dhesch13@jayskizzy 100 years of legacy doesn't count if for the past 30 they sucked. What I really wanna know is why you're even on a Duke picture talkin shit, you mad we have a better campus too? You ain't got shit better to do with yourself?
  • jayskizzyWe sucked for the last 30? Wow u can't be a student at Duke. I thought they were smart
  • jayskizzy#TARHEELNATION punk! @kiefer_jackncoke
  • kiefer_onenonlyLMAO what a joke unc couldnt even stay top 25 in the year unc program is goin down hill .. U mad bro ? @jayskizzy
  • jayskizzyNope we legendary @kiefer_jackncoke Y'all was down 80 years out of 100 lolol
  • kiefer_onenonlyLMAO legendary and that time has passed .. Stop living in the past bro unc isnt the program they use to be and duke is getting bigger and bigger @jayskizzy
  • jayskizzyWho was the last Dukie to have a shoe contract? Grant hill
  • kiefer_onenonlyLMAO SHOE CONTRACT ?? 😂😭😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂 @jayskizzy
  • jayskizzyExactly, because u have to be one of the leagues elite to get one, so that means their are no dukies in the NBA who are elite! Lololol @kiefer_jackncoke
  • kiefer_onenonlyUr the only loser that actually uses "shoe contract" to define someones career LMAO @jayskizzy
  • jwes4@jayskizzy Also, Kyrie Irving. Do your homework.
  • jayskizzySo from grant to kyrie?? That's 20 years!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
  • whit.worthYour so stupid boozer,deng,Irving,Jj reddick
  • jayskizzyNone of them have shoe contracts dummy! @blackhawks24crz
  • whit.worthYo so STUPID , the only Carolina player to have 1was mj
  • jayskizzyJordan, worthy, carter, stackhouse, Wallace just to name a few TARHEELS that have had shoe endorsements @blackhawks24crz
  • whit.worthSay what u want laettner is still the best college player eva
  • dkcopelaYou cry Duke is lame, and yet you're following us on Instagram...can't look away can you, too beautiful, eh Skizzy?
  • jayskizzyHansbrough did everything laettner did and more, exept laettner won two, handsbrough won one! @blackhawks24crz
  • jayskizzyI'm not following duke, one of my friends that like duke commented and it came on my tl @dkcopela
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