Shout to @barberhollywood for gettin me right.
  • lecraeShout to @barberhollywood for gettin me right.

  • teenwolf_tk2000Lecraecrae
  • care_bear22@jjbell_1 @kathrynstokess I'm not trying to pick fights with you guys, and I love Lecrae and his music. I also do not mind that he posted a picture of his hair cut or thanked his barber for it! That's all great! I just don't think he should have said "getting me right" because your hair is not you... It's not even that big of deal, and I'm sorry I even said anything about it. .... I'm a little confused about the cat comment though, because I don't have a cat in my profile pic...jjbell_1.
  • ddeleteeddddddddddddddddddddddFresh hair bro
  • manuelj_7308That line too straight. Dude gotta nice touch.
  • katgant_@care_bear22 "Getting me right" is an expression. It's culture. I don't know how you don't see that. It's language and communication, not profound statements of faith in barbers and good hair.
  • katgant_@care_bear22 I'm not trying to be mean or angry but I think it was a weird thing to say && I'm trying to explain that we all know Lecrae doesn't base his identity in his hair. That's all :P it was weird comment I thought and I wanted to talk about it..! That's all <3 thanks for explaining!
  • durrellmayfieldI see that fade bruh. Too clean. For some reason, I always feel like a new man after that edge up! LoL
  • jjbell_1@care_bear22 the cat comment was refering to one of your pics on your profile. I am also not trying to pick a fight. I just wanted to address your comment bcuz I didn't want you to misinterpret @lecrae innocent comment on his pic. I hope @kathrynstokess and I have cleared up the misinterpretation. God bless.
  • rosedlc66NICE HAIR CUT LECRAE:-)!!
  • dreamraptorscool
  • tpromusicClean cut
  • sdotfrazier#therealtrendsetters
  • _tlxrd_sharp and on point
  • yungkid.jayNicw hair cut @lecrae, u got it fresh too
  • yungkid.jayNice** @lecrae
  • markdaspark0705Nice cut
  • the_poet_12God bless you @lecrae you doing great music that touch lots of people. Keep it up let God lead you. Favorite song is (praying for you)
  • guta_habibDope
  • king_dariusthebarberIf ur ever in the DC PG county maryland area lemme kno so I can hook u up with a cut!..been listenin to u since 04 real talk lol would love to finness ur hair bro
  • maximusmeridiousSame haircut as now.
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