📖 " Deleite-se no Senhor, e ele atenderá aos desejos do seu coração. (Salmos 37:4 ) " 🙏
  • kaka📖 " Deleite-se no Senhor, e ele atenderá aos desejos do seu coração. (Salmos 37:4 ) " 🙏

  • efuentes_09God bless you @kaka I dont like Real Madrid but i admires you... i want to knows you.
  • ohannasouzaAmém!
  • aleepcsKaka para mi tu eres el mejor padre del mundo(: nunca dejes de sonreír por que tu me motivas en serio! Agradezco a Dios de que existas!!!
  • selenacuaraHi kaka! Well i know you might not see this but its worth the try. Youre by far my idol! Everybody always talks about messi this Cristiano that..... and im just like what about Kaka? U have no idea how much i look up to you.... not only as a soccer player but a person. Youre so humbled and religious and thats what makes u above all others.. in my eyes you are perfect. Something you and i have in common, is that we are futbolist we might not be consistant all the time but even on our worst games we still manage to be better than a ton of players. And when we shine we shine bright.! The crisp and ferm and perfectly timed slip balls you give.... i learned from you. The skills you have i probably have more than you but you sure know how to use them at the right time . Not only that the control you have with the ball its unstopable. I went to see u 2 years straight at the galaxy stadium in american and went everyday just to see you at ucla. I did not want your autograph because just seeing u prepared for practice and ready to take a break its just worth more than a autograph.
  • selenacuaraI recently joined a new club and i had to grab a new number i used to wear the numbeer 10. why? well obviously because of your brazilian number. well there was several choices i had to choose from and the two that stood out was 8 and 7 No doubt about that i got 8 so now i will be playing with your number again!!! I love it. Yes i play centermid and so do u . We are twins!!
  • selenacuaraIts not the same watching soccer with the announcers ignoring your name
  • selenacuaraYou motivate me! So why cant us fans like me motivate you....
  • selenacuaraIm just so thankful and i thank the lord for having such an athlete in my life..... i may not know u personally but it would be awsome to meet yourself your wife and your awsome kids..
  • selenacuaraKaka youve been through so much and i want to tell you how proud i am .... and i will always be. Youre my rolemodel once again and thats why im succeeding in life and soon will get that scholarship ive been working for too go to college and maybe even try to go pro... But i just want you to know ive been working hard bevause i just want to be like you. Well i really hope you can respond to this. If not thats fine.. but thanks for your time and thanks for being yourself... and Say hi to your beautiful wife and cute kids.... thanks Selena Cuara
  • selenacuaraWoops forgot to mention Worldcup at brazil can we do a miracle and put u on the team. Or can we just sit back and hangout one game and just watch soccer!(:
  • selenacuaraBut i rather sit back and watch the beast playyyy his heart out!!!!
  • monique.rachelGreat. :)
  • tan_eugene01@kaka Amen
  • conradoalvaradoAmen!
  • andylnb18Amén
  • aaronsosa7Amen!
  • tukor11Help me achieve my dream please ...Amen
  • daniwex1112Amen
  • luisa.baldini@_luiizfernaandoo
  • silhartofEle ta cuidando de cada detalhe! Mesmo longe, mesmo não vindo tanto mais aqui, mesmo que vc nunca veja esse recado, saiba que to em oração por ti, como sempre! Vc é especial Ricardo, o que Papai vai fazer ainda na sua vida é lindo demais, muitos podem até não entender, mas os que conseguirem olhar além verão o agir de Deus. Fica bem, Fica firme, se gruda em Deus e não larga nunca mais. @kaka
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