"To Be Loved" promo in downtown Copenhagen. Have you picked up Michael's new album yet?
  • michaelbuble"To Be Loved" promo in downtown Copenhagen. Have you picked up Michael's new album yet?

  • fahrirasihanNice
  • cabartalini123Yes love it!
  • nita_adellaI love it
  • anitamarinussenDenmark for the win ! :D
  • hayley_vd_aheeLove it!!! Love the songs u co write! Next album must be only ur songs......
  • pamluvsbsb82Just love @michaelbuble hes so down to earth and with an amzing voice and talent !!!
  • tami0713Love the album!! Have it on repeat!!
  • cubsfan86Yes!!!! ❤ It!
  • bulanoka❤ Close Your Eyes ❤
  • bebelaafCome dance with me! Love it too much @michaelbuble
  • elysantinoI am fan @luisanalopilato
  • fhamaulidYes of course !
  • waztyCool !
  • ronniecoladangeloBest album!
  • reynaldie123It's beautiful day and i can't stop myself from smileing
  • avvaaapayneI don't now why you think that you can hold me when you couldn't get by by yourself and I don know who would ever wanna tear the seem of someone's dream baby it's gone you said that we should just be friends wel I came up with that line and I'm sure it's for the bet f you ever change your mind don't hold your breath coz u may not believe that baby I'm relieved when you said goodbye the hole world shined and HAY HAY HAY it's a beautiful day the sun is out the music's playing even if it started raining I won't hear this boy complaining & I'm glad that your the one who got away coz its a beauiful day!! It's my turn to fly......... And HAY HAY HAY it's a beautiful day...
  • avvaaapayneGot that album, my nan got it before it actually came out because my nan does something to do with Cd's in hmv
  • avvaaapayneI'm joking! But I got the day it came out. X
  • throwveniging1988But you should really come to the bok center soon tho!
  • hailmac23Philly should have this 😂😂😂👏 @keelan_thorn
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