I'm grateful for M Night Shyamalan plot twists.
  • jason_mrazI'm grateful for M Night Shyamalan plot twists.

  • rbelaFridays
  • dani.cali13Music
  • kritter.3Family
  • santldaFor the man who let you record your first song! Well done mate
  • newgate_edFamily
  • kellybwaldropGrateful for the amazing generosity of you and your mom!!! Sara and I will always remember your acts of kindness and pass them forward! Ps. Come back to Taiwan!
  • bow_mrazianim grateful for you, how amazing your song inspired me
  • deborapicarteI am grateful for your songs!!!! I love it!!
  • moniqueqadamsIm grateful that I cant sing cuz then I'd have to Tour with you, then my children would Miss me, and they would cry and act our. Probably writw a book about when they grew up. It would be a whole big thong.. I mean thing. WHO needs a big thong right? What was the question
  • avypoohGrateful there's a Jason Mraz & that I will still be in Manila when you perform here!
  • jasonsolIm grateful for my daughters and for being in the same world that you are
  • goofygirl42I'm grateful for you Jason Mraz @jason_mraz
  • ilanalavineI'm grateful that my uncle knows u
  • mfudgesM Night? seriously I've been wanting my money back for the last 4 movies
  • vmshiwenGrateful for life, and for all that's coming our way. It's all good so thank you :)
  • sarahcoughlannI'm grateful for my ukulele and Krispy Kreme
  • kasuynutsI'm grateful for Jason Mraz. And MaggieQ. Two very inspiring human beings.
  • viviennechang22for you~
  • bekindbetrueI'm grateful for Jason Mraz... He saved my life.
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