6,000 people tonight at RIT. That's the way to celebrate a Sunday #sharkfacegang
  • macklemore6,000 people tonight at RIT. That's the way to celebrate a Sunday #sharkfacegang

  • g.mendes7wow
  • cheyenne_haggerty❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • arley_iscoolWowza
  • leopardmimzF🔣ck Yah!
  • minecraftbae@macklemore ... u have to understand how Loved u are❤u have to understand that peopel would die for u. Just go outside your house and make some peopels day only of showing your self. I love just as everybody els. But just understand how lucky u are. Lucky for beeing macklemore❤
  • allidexterCrazy how many people out there love you. Happy birthday
  • madisonpierce2001Sweet
  • cisemkaracaLol we should get there early @gabi__b
  • gabi_brenmanHaha yeah that's probably a good idea... That crowd @cisemkaraca
  • cisemkaracaLol we need to get to the front @gabi__b
  • hkwidmerrrStill cannot get over this night <3 @macklemore you loved us almost as much as we loved you ;)
  • danikins__Amazing night @billsmafia_babe
  • logan01456I was here
  • breannadumontNOTICE MEE
  • jessicamannionSo I am commenting this again because I really want you to respond but.. Ok so here's the deal... I absolutly love you and ryan💖🙉 I am seeing you guys in concert November 8th in Boston but sadly I only have Balcony seat but oh we'll... But j have been to Seattle and I really wante to go to Capital Hill just because j knew your song Cowboy boots was in it💖 I seriously no all of your music from Cant hold Us to Irish Celebration to even And we danced... I just really want you to respond to this please Ben I am begging you Please Ben please
  • arley_iscoolI hope to see u macklemore and Ryan Lewis in concert
  • heeygraziOmg
  • larry3_Awesome night
  • jacksonorzel@alexmercier I keep forgetting the fact that we saw him live
  • danvanpattenThrowback! I was there! Kid actually wore a fur coat in the crowd and @macklemore put it on while on stage! @macklemore
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