• goatmoufgumbo#BUCKJUICE

  • s.p.o.t.snot sure how it ties in, but that stuff IS bomb.....
  • treflippinmonkeysBecause the goat has spoken!!
  • foomagineBomb.com
  • theburrrprintReal juicy shit
  • jake.goodrich@bradleyswar
  • stonecoldstevecodyBuckjuice lmao
  • dylandreHey Shane, I got Indy trucks brand new, and one is a 149 stage 11 and the other is a 149 stage 10. I was wondering if that would make a difference. I've never had indys before so it would help if you replied
  • goatmoufgumbo@dylandre I ride @independenttrucks stage 10 forged hallow kingpin and axle size 139 on a size 8" @baker_skateboards I have not tried the Stage 11's yet, they might be a little taller though?
  • dylandreYeah they are the taller trucks. I'm just worried that if ones a stage 11 and the other is a stage 10 it might mess withy skating. I usually ride hollow kingpins and axle. But I couldn't find any. They fit my @baker_skateboards 8" board and everything, they are the same height too. But what I was wondering is since one of them is stage 11 and the other is stage 10, would it make a difference while riding them?
  • troy420h20zzzEhh brotha,follow me if you dont mind amigo.You will dig my shit for sure.
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