#DVRDesignAlert: "Candice Tells All" marathon tomorrow (Monday) from 7:30am-12pm ET. Set your DVRs now!
  • hgtv#DVRDesignAlert: "Candice Tells All" marathon tomorrow (Monday) from 7:30am-12pm ET. Set your DVRs now!

  • mamagosI would LOVE for Candice to do my bedroom. I spend a LOT of time there since I'm waiting on a kismet transplant.
  • mkbaileyliveI miss Candice a lot, she always has good designs!
  • mkbaileyliveI would love to have Candice do my kitchen. I have a remodeling husband, love that he can do so many things but always takes so long with just him working!
  • mkbaileyliveVote for Genevieve to back too@
  • njgwhiteLOVE Candice!
  • susyqmicheleI wish Candice could decorate every room in my house!!! She's so awesome!
  • patsy1952Miss ur show! Hgtv isn't same! It's about buying & selling. Not about beauty!
  • aneliya_panchevaLove candice ♡♡♡
  • annetteblikeCandice love her!
  • robi5991Love Candice
  • sonitamm3Love Candice! Talented and great sense of humor. <3
  • wah7ashI loved your show ... Do you have aspecal ig account ??
  • wah7ashAnd i like to know about the name of the app she uses to draw sketches in her i pad
  • irosafigueroaShe is my favorite!!! ♥
  • millietavarez63My favorite designer also. Looove her work!!! 👍
  • dominicana37Love her she the best
  • mads866I love her designs
  • simply_me_gabiedeeLove Candice!
  • eliden08What happened to Divine Design? She's one of my favorite designer!!!
  • avelexxExtraño a Candice! Era la mejor!
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