..ill b back ...
  • russwest44..ill b back ...

  • tzubz10@russwest44 u should follow this kid he's got a lot of passion for u @aaronnbruhh
  • donaldjr2What happen
  • taylormorehead_Torn minuscus
  • emaneeryour arm is gone
  • aaronmejiaaLol ^^^ Ayee that was me about 9 months ago when I had my first surgery for torn meniscus haha but I recovered from that and then unfortunately went down the same path and tore my meniscus on the opposite leg so I had 2 surgeries in 6 months but it's cool it was an unbelievable learning experience for me and the close people around me and helped me reflect on life and now I'm a freshman in hs and about to tryout for my hs team and will definitely keep you in mind because you actually taught me how to grind and now I'm faster stronger and overall a better athlete than I was before my surgeries. Keep up the hard work Russ and hope you keep doing big things in the league man 🙌 #eat
  • amouajouI remember that😪
  • _____kenna_____His arms not gone its blend in with the door
  • ash1733What happen?
  • abbylizz40Are you okay @russwest44 ?!?!?!?!
  • air_key_Hey Russ what happened
  • ben_rothlibergerAre you okay
  • jjswag04So sorry
  • d_yo_flexSorry rus real rap
  • ptownzfynestTime to get that ring boii
  • kxnng.w_Is this your real page
  • day_stoDoes anyone know where can I get the shirt he's wearing
  • jayblaze12345Mr. Westbrook wil come to my hose Newport north Carolina down by the flea third house on the right
  • boo_is_mine_foreverBest player
  • danielrazo1Always remember your worst time to fuel you , leave it all out on the court #kb3 / #kb24
  • trisdabeast07Next Kobe
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