Skated with Lil Wayne last nite. He rips!!
  • nuge666Skated with Lil Wayne last nite. He rips!!

  • goatmoufgumbo👋👋👊 #SHAKEJUNT #SKELLO @shakejuntog
  • waybadHooooleeee shit. Why do people care? If Lil Wayne wants to skate and he IS skating (and PROGRESSING, apparently, according to @nuge666), why are people so sure he's just doing it for image? I'm not a fan, but fuck it, let the dude skate.
  • waybad^PLUS @bigbizliz is willing to skate with him, too.
  • chillestwhitestAnd how is that going to ruin deathwish and baker? There still gunna do them, skate get buck and arrested, just because he has a pic with nug and liz doesnt mean hes gunna ruin the brand he has his own brand to ruin @johnc0_0
  • 6raised_b6y_wolves6Sick shirt
  • joel_mitchell@omnicyde Lol check it out, nuge liz and weezy pre sick
  • jayloughThis is so depressing
  • timothystock1998@johnc0_0 dude I doubt you skate. Most of your pictures are video game pictures and there theew
  • samiancardonaReally everyone sticks up the finger except lizard
  • _scaz_@conradloveless @nuge666 haha at least your honest p.s nuge your section in bake n destroy was epic I'm staying tuned to baker zone keep it up homie
  • the_perfect_pair@nuge666 wats good bro? How's life- good to see your doing well man-!!
  • nuge666What the fuck its been years homie. Hows life? Heard you live in cali now.
  • viii_and_bongman👍👍👍✨📷
  • joshuawordWhats up @nuge666 ??! two of the best dudes in skateboarding right there.
  • nuge666@joshuaword wats good player
  • joshuaword@nuge666 just going to school and grindin. good to see you're still killin it. lol I saw you on TMZ. you're no longer skater famous now you're famous famous.
  • nuge666@joshuaword hahaha sick. I see u still live in sd. We gotta kick it soon
  • joshuaword@nuge666 I'm super down. let me know. and next season I need to scoop you up for a Thunder game.
  • _justchillinmanIf you got love for the game you're one and the same. Skateboarding isn't a stereotype of a certain kind of person anyone can skate whether you're born into it or you start later on in life. Much love for sticking up for a guy people hate on for no reason @nuge666 that's what skateboardings always been about.
  • jurgen_spanky_666Yeah @nuge666 the number of the beast lml
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