#Topszn #Regime
  • jmanziel2#Topszn #Regime

  • zakk_kileyy5Dumb bitch
  • shuffle_maniaTrue @jclements_35
  • shuffle_maniaTrue @jclements_35
  • therealtopszn#topsznJ2M
  • aseward9If I were the coach of A&M we would be having a serious talk about all Ur Illuminati Crap. It don't matter how good u are son...it can all taking away from u. I know Ur still young and immature. I pray for u!
  • andrew__mallochMy dad met u in the locker room at traditions @jmanziel2
  • gigemily@dylan_imler @connor_t_p you will both understand what I mean when you get out of HS and go to A&M... If that is your goal. Not being rude or trying to start an Instagram argument... Just saying, he doesn't show the type of Aggie Spirit that most Aggie students/student athletes do. His 'celebrity' status has blown his ego way out of proportion. A lot of Aggies are hoping it doesn't mess up his next season.
  • ruflo95What is he doing wrong here? Nothing. All you people complaining are making it seem as if there is a stereotype behind being an Aggie. It's all about expressing yourself.
  • aseward9He ain't no...TIM Tebow!!
  • chris_dreamsbigI'd sure hope he's not as bad as Tim Tebow @aseward9 😂😂😂
  • aseward9In his personal relations..not football
  • keys2successLol @aseward9 obviously you don't understand Topszn and the Regime.
  • keys2successYPree.... Why always me?- Johnny Football
  • aseward9I've done plenty of research...before johnny football got involved. @keys2success everyone does their own thing. I Love Johnny Manziel... From Sept to Jan. :)
  • conner_markham2You sir, have the best lyfe!
  • aseward9You are right @keys2success !!!! He ain't sweated much. He is a natural athlete. But he can do what he wants...but i don't have to agree with it.
  • mankantruI graduated from A&M and lived in BCS for many years. Manziel hasn't done anything disrespectful to Aggies in my personal opinion, and if you think he hasn't busted his butt to play at the level he is at (exceptional talent is irrelevant) then you know nothing about football. I am proud that he is at A&M!
  • njbianco12LOVE NY
  • toriannvsI love the aggies they are the best
  • ethanwilde_The big a @willymayshayes
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