• tiniegram😳

  • littlejoh_Wonderful!!
  • caiiwenyiinnn✨✨💓💓😍😍
  • caiiwenyiinnn👍👍
  • grahnjosefine👌
  • allenlloyd@noheaaa_ dude chill I'm from Cali... It was jus an observation !!
  • allenlloyd@noheaaa_ the majority of peeps who say "hella" are normally from northern Cali which where it was originated
  • noheaaa_@allenlloyd i find it ignorant how you have to point that out to me, cause i honestly do not care lol.
  • allenlloyd@noheaaa_ haha how was that ignorant?? I was sharing valid information how can that relate to stupidity ?? Dude chill the fuk out, no need to argue in Instagram. Have a nice day
  • berrsberrsSuch a beautiful sunset & love the sky. :)
  • noheaaa_@allenlloyd i comment " hella " & you decide to make an ignorant comment just cause of that. like okay? lol
  • noheaaa_Don't get all ass hurt. Smile, have a nice day (:
  • fridaanmanawesome 😳😍
  • menakasSri Lanka !
  • elizrosegottLove this
  • allenlloyd@noheaaa_ I get it you're young and uneducated though it seems. Because if you cannot distinguish a positive comment compared to a negative. There were no negative implications or intentions in my initial comment. I jus simply admired a unique word that's hardly used in the rest of the country except Cali.... Why is that so fukin hard to comprehend.. I was jus assuming u were from Cali that's all.. Now please explain to me how was my comment ignorant ??
  • aidashv😍
  • helenawarman00@allenlloyd and @noheaaa_ fight!!! Fight!! Fight!!!!! (Jst joking)
  • purplefedoraColombo is beautiful 🌴💙
  • naymilanxSo calm
  • crazy_ferohCollloombo.. Peacock festival was a BLAST
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